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A connected artist !

Very often attracted by the 4 Cardinals Points of the globe, Pierre Marie Brisson nevertheless does not miss his duties as a modern artist : to be connected. Very active, Pierre Marie Brisson informs you of upcoming exhibitions, its meetings and upcoming events through social networks.

Instagram : a virtual gallery

Supporter of the Instagram social network, Pierre Marie Brisson shares via his official account, part of his adventures and news to inform and respond to the expectations and curiosity of his followers. Moreover, this colorful wall continues to attract fans of contemporary art. You will be able to admire on your smartphone photography of works exposed or even sometimes, in the process of elaboration of the French artist.
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Instagram Pierre Marie Brisson

Actus Brisson

Pierre Marie Brisson en couverture de
20 mai 2019

Pierre Marie Brisson en couverture de "Nous, l’Europe" Laurent Gaudé

Pierre Marie Brisson s’expose à Art New York
5 avril 2019

Pierre Marie Brisson s’expose à Art New York