Pierre Marie Brisson: current exhibitions

(Exhibition ended on February 8.)

  • Pierre Marie Brisson’s solo exhibition is currently on display at the OLIVIA PARK GALLERY in Seoul, South Korea from January 12 – February 8, 2018.

Shchukin gallery - Paris

Pierre Marie Brisson "Méditerranée"

"Pierre Marie Brisson is a contemporary fauvist. Over the past forty years he has painted forms and figures of the Mediterranean, this sea of Gods, heroes and men, which is cradled by the earth. His work is a constant tribute to the journey of Ulysses, sung by Homer in his Odyssey.

His paintings are covered with cut paper, which is coated in paint, folded and smoothed. The colors of the South of France are triumphant - cobalt blue, aquamarine and rose madder. Vivid colors, without gradient or transition, coalesce to create arresting studies of the human form and plants: sea swallows – harbinger of joy, butterflies – an ode to Psyche, biblical fish - symbol of abundance and graceful Arcadian female silhouettes.

Paper is the key medium used in Pierre Marie Brisson’s paintings. In his art it symbolizes papyrus, a marvelous five thousand year old writing material, which helped transmit a large portion of the Mediterranean region’s ancient history.
One might describe Brisson’s paintings as instilling an olfactory experience in the viewer as they are overflowing with plants, heady with the odor of Carthage, Alexandria, Apollonia... mythical Narcissus flowers, Poncirus flowers from a lemon tree, mint, olive tree branches and Acanthus, which is recurrent throughout the history of art and architecture. The symbolism and meaning associated with the Acanthus is that of the mythological nymph, in the language of flowers it is defined as a love for art. It is also a symbol of control and immortality.

Acanthus adorns the capitals of Corinthian columns and also appears on friezes, stuccoes and damask. Acanthus is one of the fundamental elements in Pierre Marie Brisson’s.

In his paintings, damask is the central focus. It creates a limit in the background that the eye cannot fully penetrate; like a wall covered with layers, pockmarked and worn by the French winds of the Simoun, Sirocco and the Mistral, giving proof of their transitory existence. The torn damask, peppered with holes, is the focal point of the composition, replacing the meaning and the scale of the painting under consideration. It’s not a gaping hole but a repeated theme and detail present in thousands of Brisson’s pieces. Through this keyhole we catch a glimpse of the real background, the Mediterranean - cradle of peace."

Gilles Bastianelli - Curator
Paris, September 2017

Méditerranée, 2017, 200x200 cm

Pierre Marie Brisson Exhibition – Opening night: October 26 octobre

The exhibit is open to the public October 27 – November 25, 2017.

For further information, please visit the Shchukin gallery’s official website.

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