Videos about Pierre Marie Brisson

Explore a selection of videos about the painter Pierre Marie Brisson, his studio, techniques and exhibitions. All of these videos are also featured on the artist’s official YouTube channel.

The artist and painter Pierre Marie Brisson in video

French and marine contemporary painter

I am a painter and sailor. I live and work in the South of France on the Mediterranean. My boat is my workshop open to all winds, to all horizons.
The paper is my medium, cut, painted, folded and marouflaged on canvas where triumph the tones of the South, without degradation or transition. Pure color is my emotional language. They formalize living beings; migratory birds, butterflies, fishes human silhouettes and the southern flora whose acanthus ubiquitous in the history of art, sun plant, nymph in mythology, love of art in the language of flowers.

A film by Gilles Bastianelli

Pierre Marie Brisson: L’après Matisse par Gilles Bastianelli

“In Orleans, Brisson stirs our emotions with his latest paintings, where creased blemished whites shed new light on the shapes and figures of the past, producing a subtly transparent effect, and allowing us access to the intimate world of a painter who is able to reach a certain level of serenity and sensory calm.”

  • Gilles Bastianelli, curator

Pierre Marie Brisson: Painting exhibition in Orléans

The painter, Pierre Marie Brisson’s work is exhibited in his hometown of Orléans at the Collégiale Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier Museum.

Pierre Marie Brisson: The path of gestures

A presentation of the works featured in the exhibition entitled Le chemin des gestes -The Path of Gestures in Orléans, France and an interview recorded in 2004 with the artist and painter Pierre Marie Brisson.
A University of San Francisco special production in affiliation with Franklin Bowels Galleries.

Pierre Marie Brisson: Video of a collage with music by Mike Marlin

A short video of one of Brisson’s creations accompanied by the song Amazing from the album Grand Reveal by Mike Marlin.

Pierre Marie Brisson: The Carborundum printmaking technique

Live from his studio, Pierre Marie Brisson show us how he uses Carborundum etching following Henri Goetz’s personal technique.

Pierre Marie Brisson’s YouTube Channel

To see more videos, please visit Pierre Marie Brisson’s YouTube Channel.

Brisson News

Pierre Marie Brisson exhibition: Galerie Yves Faurie - Sète
25 May 2021

Pierre Marie Brisson exhibition: Galerie Yves Faurie - Sète

Pierre Marie Brisson exhibition: Au Delà Des Apparences Gallery – Annecy
20 May 2021

Pierre Marie Brisson exhibition: Au Delà Des Apparences Gallery – Annecy